aus demTal German Shepherds

Importing and producing quality working line German Shepherds

Breeding titled, health-tested dogs with great temperament and ability.

The German Shepherd dog should be healthy and versatile; a dog that can be a family member and a fierce protector. A competitor and/or a running partner. It is my goal to produce dogs that have the attributes of a working dog – that could be police dogs, Schutzhund dogs, detection dogs, SAR dogs, or work in other protection sports, but can still settle and be part of the family. I focus on only breeding dogs with correct temperament, health, structure and ability; I strive to improve the breed with every generation.

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We import and/or produce quality puppies, young started dogs and fully trained dogs that can go on to be working dogs, as well as great family pets! We also offer training for outside dogs of all breeds, in many different disciplines – from pet obedience to titling, personal protection and more. Contact us if we can help in any way.

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Aus Dem Tal German Shepherds

Quality working line German Shepherd Dogs focusing on health, working ability, and temperament.
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