Available Litters

Here you’ll find litters that have one or more puppies available.

We use the European system when it comes to litters. This means that litters are named alphabetically in chronological order. So, the first litter all the puppies’ names start with A, second litter they all start with B, third with C, and so forth. Please excuse some parts of our website that aren’t fully finished or that are lacking of prior information. I had everything stored on my Facebook business page and when it was taken down I lost years of photos, videos, etc. We are still trying to recover some of those.

Planned Litters

Here’s where you’ll find litters we have bred for that haven’t been born yet, or that we are planning for the future.

No litter found.


Past Litters

Here’s where you’ll find litters are sold.


Aus Dem Tal German Shepherds

Quality working line German Shepherd Dogs focusing on health, working ability, and temperament.

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