V Ace vom Haus Tyson, IPO3

REFERENCE ALBUM: owned by Randy Tyson-Witmer

Ace is a large, beautiful, outstanding sire – IPO3 titled and has successfully competed in many national and international competitions. He has A rated hips and elbows, breed survey, long coat clear and DM clear. He has an incredible pedigree – both parents producing great dogs time and time again – his mother was one of the best females the US has ever seen and it’s well-known that the bitch is more important that the sire when it comes to breeding. His sire, Mac was a great dog, and even better producer. Ace continues to exhibit and produce those great traits. I have used Ace several times and that should say something about him… I can write all day about how great this dog is. How attractive, and clear-headed… how perfect his temperament is, but the proof is in the pudding so they say – I have been incredibly happy with my progeny of him. I own two up-and-coming young sires by Ace that will be a part of the breed program. He consistently produces dogs that can do about anything. Most pups have enough drive to go into any type of working homes (IPO/IGP, police, protection, detection, etc), yet retain great off-switches and stable nerves – they aren’t just the crazy, over-the-top psycho dogs that you see  – so they also work well in active companion homes and can be part of the family. They have mid to high prey drive, aggression when needed, super grip, super tracking ability, excellent health and temperaments, clear heads and it doesn’t hurt that they are very attractive too. He definitely stamps his pups with a specific look. I will continue to use Ace and Ace sons in the future.

Breed survey notes: Large, strong, substantial, good condition, strong & expressive head, high withers, straight back, good croup, good front angulation, very good rear angulation, balanced chest proportions. Moves straight in front and rear, strong, outreaching gait. TSB Pronounced. 66cm.

Ace's obedience from AWDF last month. 90 points. Still problems jumping but was pretty happy with everything else.

Posted by Tim Cutterson on Monday, May 15, 2017



  • Nickname Ace
  • Date of Birth Sep 20, 2011
  • Color sable
  • Mother V Pixa Aritar Bastet, SCHH3
  • Father SG Mac von der Kine, SchH3(G-BSP), IPO3, FH2


  • IPO3


  • Long Coat Clear

  • A Rated Hips

  • A Rated Elbows

  • DM Clear


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