Kalixstus Namornik IPO2, CD, RN

“Kal” aka Kalixstus Namornik is a super young male with his IPO2 completed and we will be going for his 3 in the next few months. Kal was imported from Czech and is a grandson of my incredible boy Zorro von der Mohnwiese. He has Zorro’s clear-headed, biddable nature and hot aggression that kicks in when needed. Kal is social, stable, friendly with social dogs and kids. He is a very high drive dog, but can relax as well; he loves obedience and has a ton of power. More videos will be added as we work together more. He has 0/0 hips and elbows and is clear for DM, long coat, and MDRM1. He stands as a stud to outside females.



Our first protection training session together:

Some older videos of Kal:


  • Nickname Kal
  • Date of Birth Oct 20, 2016
  • Color sable
  • Mother Ollie Vikar, IPO1
  • Father SG Cato z Rexovy ohrady ZVV1, IPO3, SPr3


  • IPO2

  • RN

  • CD


  • Long Coat Clear

  • A Rated Hips

  • A Rated Elbows

  • DM Clear

  • MDR1 Clear


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